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I understand that I am receiving a vendor registration number from the City of San Antonio. This number allows the City of San Antonio to recognize me or my company in their financial software system. This number does not mean that I am an awarded vendor. To become an awarded vendor I must comply with all the City of San Antonio policies regarding such. I further understand that my vendor registration number can be revoked at anytime if I do not follow all applicable City of San Antonio policies, related procedures and all applicable Federal and State laws. I further understand that it is my responsibility to have knowledge of all applicable Federal and State laws and any changes that may occur.

The City seeks to maximize participation of small, minority, and women-owned business on contracts. To assist in achieving desired levels of participation, contact information, NIGP codes and certifications for registered vendors may be made accessible on the City of San Antonio website. I understand that the City will have no control over how this information is used or its further dissemination by the public or other vendors, and I hereby release and discharge City from any liability for damages incurred therefrom.

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